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Behind The Scenes: Dronefly VLOG #2

Posted on September 22 2016

Trevor here again, letting you know that the Dronefly VLOG 2 is live!

And just for the record, the vending machine people stopped refilling the energy drink part of the machine.. and I know I personally won't make it through a whole day without copious amounts of caffeine. (And I don't care if they just put a dollar in.. at least it's something ;] )

Anyways; today the guys realize Frank needs to use the Osmo, then head over to Jamie Foxx's production office to talk about a shoot, end up getting spanked at ping pong, and get photobombed by a group of soccer kids at In-N-Out. Just another day with Dronefly.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Vlog, it's gonna be the best one yet!

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