Autel EVO II - Model C FCS to GPS FPC Cable

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  • Ensures effective communication: Links the flight control system to the GPS module.
  • Designed for Autel EVO II: Guarantees a perfect fit and optimal functionality.
  • High-quality material: Durable FPC material for reliable performance.
  • Crucial for navigation: Enables precise GPS functionality for stable flights.
  • Easy to install: Streamlines repairs and upgrades, getting you back in the air quickly.

The Autel EVO II Model C FCS to GPS FPC Cable is a crucial component for ensuring your drone's flight control system communicates effectively with its GPS module. This cable is specifically designed for the Autel EVO II, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. Made from high-quality, flexible printed circuit (FPC) material, it offers durability and reliability, maintaining a secure connection even in dynamic flight conditions. Whether you're repairing your drone or upgrading its capabilities, this FCS to GPS cable is essential for precise navigation and stable flight performance, helping you to get the most out of your Autel EVO II drone.

Compatibility: Autel EVO II

1x Autel EVO II - Model C FCS to GPS FPC Cable

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