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World Drone Prix Takes Off Friday

Posted on March 09 2016

FPV Drone racing: the sport of the future. Hosted by and in Dubai, with a $1M purse, the World Drone Prix is attracting a lot of attention to the drone world.
Friday, March 11: 32 of the best drone pilots in the world face off head-to-head to advance to the next round.
Saturday, March 12: Round 2 will narrow down the 16 remaining pilots to 8 pilots advancing to the semifinals. Semifinals will leave viewers with the final four, the best drone pilots in the world.
The World Drone Prix is bringing a lot of attention to the drone world, and unlike most media worthy drone attention - it's positive. This event is showing a side of the industry that most people never get a look at. It is hobby flying at it's best.
With any luck, the World Drone Prix will bridge a gap between enthusiasts and the fearful public. Your pesky neighbor that keeps calling the police when you fly in your backyard may actually ask how it works first this time.. Or maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves. Either way: we're excited to see it.
The event will be streamed live, and a link will be made available on the World Drone Prix's website.

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