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Immersion RC Vortex: Gateway Drone

Posted on March 31 2016

With FPV Racing gaining so much attention and popularity around the world, companies like Immersion RC are making it easier than ever to get started. With their ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) as well as an impressive FPV simulator for Pc or Mac; Immersion RC is making sure people have no reason to shy away from racing.

Immersion offers their ARF Racing Quadcopters in two different sizes: 250, and 285. The 285 model being the original version of the Vortex ARF quad, the 250 being the newer model with a couple extras. Both come Almost Ready to Fly with processors, flight controllers, ESC's, motors, OSD, tiltable FPV Camera and mounting for GoPro, as well as many more features.

To make the jump to FPV racing even easier, Immersion has worked with Belgian video game developer LuGus Studios to create a simulator for both Vortex models and multiple accessories. This simulator is called LiftOff, and is currently available as an early-access release via the Steam platform. LiftOff features 3 courses (more soon) with gates for racing, and obstacles for freestyle.

The Vortex 250 Pro has the same color scheme as the 285, but is customizable with parts kits in multiple colors. You can replace all red parts with: Hot Pink, Lime Green, White, Black, or Orange.

The Vortex 285 is slightly larger than the 250 Pro, and features foldable arms for ease of transport, and impact absorption in a crash. 

Remember that video from the World Drone Prix of an FPV Racer racing a McLaren? Yeah, that was an Immersion RC Vortex 250 Pro. Just in case you missed it..

The Vortex 285 is available at Dronefly!

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