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Dan Bilzerian's $1.2M Bike Race Bet

Posted on March 30 2016

Dan Bilzerian has 48 Hours to ride a bicycle from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. There's 1.2 Million Dollars on the line. Can he make it in time?

History of the Bet

This whole crazy saga began when venture capitalist Bill Perkins, known for his crazy prop bets challenged his friend and Instagram King Dan Bilzerian to attempt the 300 mile trek from the West Hollywood Hills to the 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign. On a bicycle. The wager? 600 thousand American dollars each. The bet? The race had to be finished in 48 hours.

Bilzerian, who is always up for a challenge, and also known for wild bets (he once lost $2.3 million dollars on a damn coin toss) jumped at the opportunity to prove his buddy wrong. (What is life if you don't risk it on a bet every once in awhile?)

Of course, there were a few caveats both men agreed upon:

  1. Dan must start his journey by 11:59pm on March 31st or fork over the 600k.
  2. Dan cannot use any assistance from any motorized vehicle or device.
  3. Dan's bike challenge must be completed in under 48 hours. No exceptions. No excuses.


Bilzerian had only five weeks to prepare for an insane bet others had already turned down. (Perkins had previously challenged poker player Rick Salomon).

He then began to train for the toughest ride of his life (With a little help from some famous friends).

Training Sessions

Just to recap, our friend and Instagram King Dan Bilzerian, has accepted the challenge to ride --on a bicycle-- from his house in the West Hollywood hills to Las Vegas. A 273 mile journey! And he has to do it 48 hours.

(It was all good just a few weeks ago...)

For the past month, Dan has been non-stop training to prepare his body --and mind --for the 48 hour bet.



Every day, Dan rides in the Red Rock Canyons for 4 1/2 hours to prepare himself.

(And occasionally by the pool)


After weeks of arduous training by himself, Dan received a message that would add an interesting wrinkle to the 48 hour bet. Someone wanted to join him for a day and offer a little advice. That someone? Racing legend Lance Armstrong.



Lance Armstrong not only flew to Dan's house in Las Vegas, but personally went out for a training ride with him.

Before he left, Armstrong also offered up some advice to Dan about drafting behind vehicles on the highway and knowing when to maneuver. In exchange for Armstrong's counsel, Dan promised to donate $25,000 to a children's cancer charity, win or lose.

But advice and focus are not the only things Dan needs in order to finish the 48 hour bet. He needs gear...and lots of it.

Overall, Dan has spent over $125,000 on various equipment to be fully prepared for the 300 mile ride. That includes a fleet of all kinds of bikes (Yes, even recumbent bikes. You don't win $ for style), vans, and a support staff that consists of a coach, riding partners, doctor, nutritionists, chefs, stunt drivers, vehicle modification experts, bike techs, masseuses, and an executive PA.

Clearly, Dan wasn't going to leave any stone unturned to win the 48 hour bet.

Dronefly is following the action live, in person, from the air. Aerial shots on this journey are courtesy of Dronefly. Follow the action with us on Snapchat: DroneflyTV

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