Looking for a seriously souped-up drone and can’t decide which is the best option? The 3D Iris+ from 3D Robotics and the DJI Phantom 3 are two high-priced drones promising a variety of features. The Phantom 3 is the latest offering from DJI, while the Iris+ remains one of 3D Robotics’ top drones. Determining which is the best essentially comes down to your drone needs and what you’re looking for. 

Let’s compare a few of the features for each to help you decide:

GPS Capability

Both of these personal drones come ready to fly, and offer GPS capabilities. The Iris+ features 3DR’s 3PV™ (Third Person View) Follow Me technology, which “turns your Iris+ into a hands-free aerial camera crew that puts you in the middle of your own adventure.” It will “follow and film you” if carrying any GPS-enabled Android device. The Phantom 3 offers solid GPS technology as well via its DJI Pilot App. The app “puts complete control in your hands,” including total camera control. 

Each drone is capable of automatically landing itself and returning to its launch point when the battery is low or when the connection is lost.

Flight Simulators

Another commonality with these drones is both offer flight simulators so you may practice flying before trying the real thing. Considering how pricey both of these drones are, a few practice flights is a good idea!


Perhaps the biggest difference between these two quadcopters is the camera feature. The Iris+ does not come with a camera, however attaching a GoPro drone camera is fairly simple. Both versions of the Phantom 3–the Advanced and the Professional–come with high-quality, built-in cameras. The camera for the Professional, for example, allows you to shoot 4K video at up to 30 frames per second. It also allows you to capture 12 megapixel images.