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Posted on October 28 2015

So you've gotten yourself a new drone. Now what? You're probably pretty excited to start flying this thing, but the reality is that drones aren't something that you pop out of the box and start playing with. You need to protect your investment, and take your time to make sure you don't break it right after you bought it, and the best way to do that is to become familiar with the Phantom drone manual. Here is how you can safely start flying your brand new drone.

Carefully take your drone and drone accessories out of the box. The first step in this process is to fully charge the battery. A full initial charge should take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.

Make sure to remove all packaging from the drone itself once it's out of the box. Your drone will have various plastic coverings which need to all be removed before you can begin flying it.

Take a peek at your App store and download the respective  associated with your new Phantom drone.

Install the battery and hit the "take off" button. Allow your drone to perform the initial tests it's programmed to perform. These tests will include a self-test, a rotor test, and will finally climb to about three feet off the ground and hover while awaiting a command. 

Your drone will initially be in a limited functionality mode, which limits speed, drone range and altitude. Make sure to become comfortable with the movement of your drone before removing the limited functionality mode.

To land your drone, guide it to the spot where you would like it to land.

If at any point you have questions about your drone or its parts, refer to your drone manual.

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