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Why Buy a Drone Carrying Case?

Posted on October 30 2015

Wondering if purchasing a drone backpack or other drone travel case is worth it? The answer to your query is yes, it’s absolutely worth it. Drone backpacks and travel cases protect your investment while on the road, which is highly necessary considering most quadcopters aren’t exactly cheap. If considering purchasing a drone, a carrying case is one of the best accessories you can purchase. Let’s learn why: 


The vast majority of drone travel cases are customized for specific drones. This allows you to provide your investment with optimal protection no matter how far you travel. For example, the Backpack by Dronefly for the DJI Phantom 3 fits the Phantom 1, FC-40, Phantom 2 H3-3D, Vision, or the Vision Plus, as well as six to 12 batteries, FPV monitor, remote controller, wall charger, and extra props. The DJI Phantom 3 Hardshell Backpack Part 50 is designed for the Phantom 3 and fits the remote controller, three batteries, a battery charger, four propellers, and of course the quadcopter.

Delicate Drones 

Customization is very important in regards to drone case and travel cases, as throwing your model into any ol’ backpack or bag can easily result in damage, even if you take extra care when packing. Drones feature a variety of parts that easily break off if not handled correctly, making the need for specific cases very necessary. This especially important when taking your drone on a hiking trip to capture spectacular aerial shots, or when flying. The cases work as great carry-ons. 

Excellent Storage

In addition to providing protection while traveling, drone backpacks and cases also serve as optimal storage containers for your drone. Rather than placing it on a shelf and allowing it to collect dust or risking knocking it over, keep your quadcopter secure by using your case or backpack.

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