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DJI Inspire 1 vs DJI Phantom 3

Posted on November 02 2015

Can’t decide between two of the latest offerings from DJI? The Inspire 1 launched only nine months after the highly-popular Phantom 2 Vision+, while the Phantom 3 came out in May of this year. Both come stacked with features, including outstanding cameras. So which is the best option for you? Neither are exactly cheap, but your decision comes down to more than just price. It also concerns what you plan to use your quadcopter for.

Let’s check out what reviewers are saying about both drones to help you reach a decision:


The DJI Inspire 1 deviates from the fixed, rigid frame quadcopter design in a major way. While folding landing legs have been incorporated on some higher end hexacopters and octocopters, DJI found a way to make the legs of the quadcopter fold up without adding much weight or increasing the complexity of the design too much. The Inspire 1 frame is made up of carbon fiber, with two arms linked the main central body, and two perpendicular arms holding the propellers – the frame of the quadcopter makes an “H” shape more or less.--Quadcopter HQ 

The DJI Phantom 3 is really well designed, with a sturdy plastic frame and a stand that is able to easily absorb the shock of hitting the ground while keeping the gimbal and camera completely protected. The drone comes with plastic propellers that screw on to each of the four motors, and these are also durable and can easily be replaced; four spares come included in the box. LED lights shine out from under each of the drone's four arms, letting you know if its connection to the remote controller is working properly, as well as being able to see it at night and tell which way it is facing, as the left and right lights are different colours. --International Business Times 


Overall, the Dji Inspire Drone is an extraordinary drone and is unquestionably the finest quadcopter for videos. This give full 4K HD video help, a mind-blowing gimbal that offers stabilization furthermore a 360 degree rotating sight, a pivoting frame composition that ease an unobstructed sight, and a complete featured application to manage the flight pattern and grant telemetry. The load of high-tech mechanization loaded into the dji inspire 1 quadcopter with 4k camera is pretty astonishing, moreover we exceptionally praise it as one of the perfect quadcopter for aerial photos and videos. --Best Quadcopter Reviews

And then there’s the camera. It looks just like the camera on the Phantom 2 Vision+, but it ain’t. It’s now capable of shooting 4K video. The lens is f/2.8 and has a 94 degree field of view, with very little lens distortion. It uses the same three-axis gimbal as the previous camera. This all adds up to gorgeous video. --Gizmodo 

As you can see, both quadcopters have much to offer in regards to camera function and overall design. Both come with intelligent remote controls and are considered relatively easy to fly, with the Phantom 3 particularly touted as a “fun” flying option.

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