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Drone Flight Basics

Posted on November 02 2015

Getting ready to fly your quadcopter for the very first time? There’s a few things you need to know first. Let’s check out some of the best tips regarding drone flight basics so you don’t end up dealing with legal trouble or a crashed quadcopter.

Start Small

Start small with drone flying...literally. Rather than spending a small fortune on a quadcopter and accidentally smashing it into a million tiny bits, go with a mini drone and get used to operation first. Mini quadcopters cost $60 or less on average, and fly indoors as well as outdoors.

In addition to practicing with a mini drone before graduating to bigger and better options, consider working with a flight simulator. Some drones come with drone simulator apps, which again allow you to practice flying before using the real deal. 

Review Your State’s Guidelines

The Federal Aviation Association may be working out drone flight regulations at the moment, but there’s still state guidelines to consider. Review the guidelines for your state to ensure you aren’t in violation of, well, anything. Most guidelines and laws revolve around keeping your drone in your line of sight at all times, and refraining from spying and similar illegal activities.

Have a Thorough Understanding of Your Drone’s Battery Life

All the flying practice in the world is for naught if you don’t know what kind of battery you’re dealing with and how much flight time it provides. Some batteries offer 10 to 15 minutes of flight time, while others are closer to 25 minutes. Reading reviews is a way to help gauge your drone’s actual flight time, while most include features on their controllers that let you know the drone battery is getting low.

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