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3DR Iris+ vs. 3DR Solo

Posted on November 03 2015

Fan of 3D Robotics and can’t decide whether to purchase the 3DR Iris+ or the company’s latest offering, the 3DR Solo? The latter was built so the brand could compete with drones such as DJI’s latest, the DJI Phantom 3. So which is the better drone for you? As with purchasing any drone, it’s important to consider features, how well-versed you are in quadcopter technology and flight, and price. Let’s compare a few of the features found on these drones:


Follow Me Mode

Both drones come with Follow Me technology, allowing you to turn either into a hands-free aerial camera. Additionally, both come with software that makes it possible to draw flight paths on your Android device’s screen.


The Iris+ does not come with a camera or gimbal, however it is outfitted for the GoPro Hero4 and the Tarot T-2D Brushless Gimbal Kit. The 3DR Solo does not come with a camera either, but it does come with a 3-axis gimbal that along with the drone itself was custom-built for GoPro cameras. The gimbal offers excellent stability, and works directly with the GoPro camera to be “the first in the world with in-flight access to GoPro controls.” It works intelligently with the Solo’s controller as well to provide you with “fine-grain camera tilt control,” which includes instant speed adjustment and angle presets.


Free DroidPlanner 2 software comes with the Iris+, which allows you to draw a flight path on any Android device. This software makes it possible to tell the drone exactly where to go and even keep your GoPro camera “pointed at the same location via a Region of Interest waypoint throughout the entire flight.” The Solo, in comparison, features an iOS and Android app that allows you to easily focus on getting the shots you want and take advantage of a variety of features. This includes wraparound and selfie shots.



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