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Uses of a Drone

Posted on November 03 2015

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, offer a variety of applications. A controversial tool in regards to surveillance and military applications, drones nevertheless provide a number of commercial and personal uses. Let’s check a few of these uses out to determine if purchasing a quadcopter is worth it for you:

Real Estate

Quadcopters are excellent tools for real estate agents. Many agents provide virtual tours of listings, and drones make it easy to capture otherwise-impossible, stunning aerial shots. Even the dullest listings look great when aerial footage is used! Agents will often buy a drone  which will allow agents to capture footage of the surrounding neighborhood, therefore showcasing nearby schools, parks, shopping districts, restaurants, etc.

Wildlife Protection 

Another cool use for drones is their ability to help protect wildlife. Drones show where animals are living and in what numbers, which helps tasks such as nest spot mapping. Quadcopters also aid in the fight against poaching, as they give rangers and animal rights’ activists the chance to capture footage of poachers without putting themselves in the line of fire.

Sports Photography 

Drones make capturing unbelievable shots of sporting events easy and fun. From aerial shots of basketball players making the winning basket to footage of extreme sports that involve a lot of jumping, drones are a fantastic sports photography tool. Their uses also extend to surfing, as obtaining footage of a surfer on a breaking wave is pretty darn cool.


Farmers make good use of quadcopters, as they give them the opportunity to survey their acres without breaking a sweat. Drones identify which areas require more water, more fertilizer, etc. in a very short amount of time.

Highway Monitoring

Drones could be used to monitor the many highways that make up the U.S.

"Drones could keep workers safer because they won't be going into traffic or hanging off a bridge," said Javier Irizarry, director of the CONECTech Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology, as quoted by TechNewsDaily. "It would help with physical limitations of the human when doing this kind of work."

These are just some of the many uses drones offer. If you are interested in drones for sale check out our wide selection of drone models. 


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