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DJI Inspire 1 vs DJI Phantom 1

Posted on November 05 2015

DJI is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the drone industry, and it’s no surprise why. The brand has created some of the coolest, most efficient quadcopters currently available, which includes the very popular Phantom 2 Vision+ drone. The Phantom 1 was the brand’s first offering, with the Inspire 1 a more recent option.

If browsing for drones and trying to decide whether to purchase the Inspire 1 or the Phantom 1, check out the following comparisons to help you out:


Both quadcopters come “ready to fly.” The Phantom 1 requires some basic assembly, however following the instructions found in its manual along with DJI website tutorials makes the process both straightforward and quick. The Inspire 1 also comes ready to fly, with DJI touting the drone as its “most advanced complete package” that “puts you in the sky within minutes.”

Flying the DJI Inspire 1 is arguably easier than flying the Phantom 1. Early reviews noted the drone hadn’t been flown yet, but was regarded as a former a powerful, responsive, and stable option. The Phantom 1 has received mixed reviews regarding flight, with some Amazon users strongly suggesting writing your name on the quadcopter before takeoff in the event of a crash.


The Phantom 1 features a GoPro drone mount, however it does not come with a GoPro. Additionally, the mount does not leave room for any of the HERO’s add-on modules, such as the extra battery and LCD screen. The Inspire 1, in comparison, comes with an integrated 4k video camera, as well as a 360-degree rotating gimbal. The camera shoots video in 4K at 24-30fps, or in 1080p at 24-60fps. It also takes 12 megapixel still photos and features a lens containing nine separate elements.

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