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Best Drone For Under $100

Posted on November 04 2015

When shopping for your first personal drone, it’s a good idea to go with an option that costs $100 or less. Quadcopters aren’t exactly known for being cheap, and while there’s nothing wrong with making a solid investment in a quality drone, it’s still recommended you choose a less expensive drone for sale for your first drone.

With a quality-yet-inexpensive drone, you can experiment with flight times and patterns, learn more about the quadcopter’s inner workings, how to take the best aerial footage, etc. Another reason to “go cheap” is in the event of a crash or similar problem. After all, you don’t want to shell out a few grand for a drone only to cry over it getting smashed into a million bits!

So if browsing for the best drone under $100, consider the Syncro Mini Quadcopter. Averaging between $35, it’s a high-quality, small option perfect for drone newbies. Check it out:


The Best Mini Quadcopter 

Reviewed as one of the best mini quadcopters on the market today, the Syncro Mini Quadcopter regularly receives four and five-star ratings regarding usability, stability, quality, design, performance, and value for money.


Weighing a little more than half an ounce, this tiny quadcopter is “small enough to fly in spaces no bigger than an office cubicle.” It’s therefore an excellent drone for flying around interior spaces.

SAFE Technology 

The Syncro Mini Quadcopter utilizes the SAFE technology system complete with high-quality flight control software. This makes hovering easy thanks to the drone’s stability mode. If having a difficult time maneuvering the quadcopter, simply let go of the control stick. The drone’s SAFE technology allows it to return to the hover setting. Another reason this drone is ideal for beginners, you can also switch from the SAFE system to agility mode once you’re used to operating it.

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