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3DR Iris+ vs. DJI Inspire 1

Posted on November 05 2015

Whether new to drone technology or a seasoned veteran looking to add to your collection, it’s always a good idea to compare quadcopters to determine which features are best suited to your needs. The 3DR Iris+ from 3D Robotics and the Inspire 1 from DJI are two high-quality drones with hefty price tags and plenty of nifty features. Let’s compare a few of the features found on these drones to help you with purchasing decisions:


Ready to Fly

Both quadcopters come ready to fly, allowing you to enjoy a successful flight soon after you receive your drone in the mail. The Inspire 1 is consistently rated for ease of operation, while consumers have debated how simple the Iris+ is to fly. Numerous users on Amazon complained about the Iris+’s flight abilities, leaving others to wonder whether their issues were due to inexperience or because the drone doesn’t offer the best flying capabilities.

Camera Component

The Iris+ does not come outfitted with a camera or gimbal, however both are fairly easy to install. The DJI Inspire 1 is renowned for its camera and is widely considered the best drone for filming that’s currently on the market. It offers 4K HD video support and a high-quality gimbal featuring 360-degree rotating view and a pivoting frame design. The pivoting frame means your FPV remains unobstructed.


The Inspire 1’s corresponding app allows you to control the drone and map out flight patterns minus the hassle. Its technology means the position of the Inspire 1 is “constantly updated and recorded.” The Iris+ comes with DroidPlanner 2 software that allows you to draw a flight path using an Android phone or tablet. This equals hands-free flight control, and that you can keep your GoPro camera (assuming you’ve mounted one to the quadcopter) pointed at the same location throughout the flight. 

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