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Drone Preflight Check

Posted on November 09 2015

About to send your new drone into the sky? Before you do so, go over a preflight “checklist.” This helps ensure all parts are functioning properly and you have everything you need for a successful flight. Check it out:

The Battery 

Check your drone battery to make certain and all other chargeable items are fully juiced. You won’t get far if the battery, remote controller, Wi-Fi range extender, etc. aren’t charged.

Damage Inspection

Inspect every part of your quadcopter for signs of damage. This includes the propellers, batteries, and everything else. The propellers should be tight, so tighten them if need be. 

Radio and Compass

Turn your radio on. Brett Haas, a sales manager with Crop Copter, says to make certain all switches are "up, up, and away from you." This puts them in a neutral position. The next step is to calibrate the compass. "You always want to make sure you have a properly calibrated compass, so your aircraft flies and reacts properly to your control," Haas says.

GPS Signal

Once your controller and quadcopter are on, you’ll need to pick up a GPS signal. Most drones feature blinking lights that indicate found signals. 


If your drone includes a camera, now’s the time to turn it on. Look to the record button to begin filming. Depending on your quadcopter model and controller, you may be able to use your mobile device to enjoy FPV.


Be sure you’ve checked the distance to the nearest airport and that you won’t violate any other no fly zones in your area. Flying your quadcopter in an open field is generally recommended to avoid both no fly zones and run-ins with trees and the like. Never fly your drone over people or animals, and remember to take a few steps back before putting your drone in the air. This avoids accidentally getting hit by your own quadcopter. For more information and for more drones for sale, check out all of our new drones models and parts. 

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