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How to Repair a Drone

Posted on November 09 2015

The right way to repair a drone naturally depends on your chosen model. Rather than discussing how to repair a specific drone and leaving the many others out, let’s look at the resources available to you. 

YouTube Videos

YouTube is stocked--really stocked--with drone tutorials, including plenty on how to repair various drones. Find videos on how to repair your new DJI Phantom 3 professional , Hubsan X4 H107L, and much more. Check out videos on repairing a noisy motor, removing a stuck battery, replacing certain parts...the list goes on.

Site Forums

Some drone brands, such as DJI, offer official forums on their sites for discussing everything related to their quadcopters. DJI features forums for the Zenmuse gimbal, the Inspire 1 quadcopter, Phantom drones, accessories, apps, and ground stations among others. Asking a repair question in a forum is a great way to get a number of helpful responses in a short amount of time.

FAQ Pages

Any drone brand worth its weight in proverbial salt is going to have a frequently-asked question page offering a whole lot of valuable information. Be sure to browse these pages, as the answer to your repair question could be a lot easier than you think. You’ll also find plenty of other helpful information on such pages.

Contact DroneFly

If all else fails, contact our support team. We response within a day or so, which hopefully will make it easy to to get your drone back in the sky quickly. Those who work on our drone support teams know pretty much everything there is to know about drones, so answering your query won’t be an issue. If you having an issue we offer a drone repair service. You can purchase this service al la carte or with the purchase of a new drone. 

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