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Best Quadcopter For Beginners

Posted on November 13 2015

As a quadcopter newbie, it makes sense not to spend a small fortune on a drone. Investing in an expensive quadcopter is something that comes later, after you’ve mastered the flying, the taking of videos and images, the battery get the idea. So which is the best drone for beginners? There’s always debate on any “best” topic, however the Hubsan X4 Quadcopter is a pretty exceptional option for those new to drone technology. Let’s look at what makes this drone so ideal for beginners (besides the affordability):

Controlled, Easy Flight

The Hubsan X4 Quadcopter offers easy, seamless flight thanks to its six-axis gyro with posture control. The integrated design provides the precision you want, while the four-channel function also contributes to easy operation and flying. The sturdy frame protects the rotors in the event of a crash, and let’s face it: crashes are pretty darn likely when flying a drone for the first time.

FPV Camera

While many smaller drones don’t include FPV (first-person view) cameras, this one does! Such cameras make it possible to see exactly what your drone is capturing. In other words, you have a literal bird’s eye view.

Battery/Flight Time


This quadcopter’s battery takes about 120 minutes to charge, and offers nine minutes of flight time. Its four powerful motors contribute to flight time as well. However, remote range is short--about 30 meters. This means you can’t fly the drone too far without losing your connection with the remote. But since it’s a drone for beginners, the lack of range isn’t a huge issue. It’s better to get used to flying the quadcopter first!

It should also be noted that the UDI U818A isn’t made from polycarbonate materials like more expensive models. For more drone possibilities, including drone travel cases and accessories, check out DroneFly today.

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