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Mini Quadcopter vs Drone

Posted on November 16 2015

Are you a drone newbie and can’t decide if you should purchase a mini quadcopter or a drone? As tempting as it can be to purchase a Phantom 3 4K  or the 3DR solo from 3D Robotics, a mini quadcopter is still your best option. Let’s find out why:

Easy to Fly

Tiny quadcopters are very easy to fly. Most are designed for indoor use, though you can fly some outdoors as well as indoors. Because they’re so easy to fly you’ll get used to operation very quickly, which prepares you for working with large drones, such as the 3DR Solo. It’s always recommended you take “flight lessons” before operating a large drone, whether with a flight simulator app or with a mini quadcopter.


Mini quadcopters are cheap drones. This doesn’t mean they’re cheaply built, but it does mean they’re very inexpensive. Some cost as little as $30 or $40, while most are around $50-$60. Compare that to large drones, which cost hundreds of dollars or go over the $1,000 mark. Crashing a $1,000+ drone on your first or second try is enough to make anyone weep, so do yourself a favor and start with an inexpensive option until you’re ready to graduate to larger possibilities.


In addition to being cheap and easy to fly, mini quadcopters are fun! They give you a good idea of whether you want to continue working with drones or not, whether as a hobby or as a professional tool. After all, you wouldn’t want to find you don’t really enjoy operating drones when you’ve spent a large sum of money on one! 

Mini quadcopters may not have cameras and many of the other cool features found on their larger counterparts, but in terms of drone introduction, they’re wonderful to work with. For more drones for sale and drone accessories, check out our full line of drones. 


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