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Best Drone Gifts

Posted on November 17 2015

Plenty of fantastic gifts for drone users are available on today’s market, each of which designed to vastly improve the quadcopter experience. Some help cameras remain stable, while others make it easy to see a drone in the night sky. If looking for the best drone gifts for your favorite quadcopter enthusiast, check out a few of the coolest options currently available: 

Backpack Bag

A bag designed for the Phantom 1, 2, 2 Vision, 2 Vision+, and DC40, this hard-shell backpack is lightweight, durable, and waterproof. Traveling with your quadcopter is tricky without the right case, making a drone backpack bag a fantastic gift.

GoPro Dual Battery Charger

The perfect, inexpensive gift for your drone-loving friend who likes to attach some GoPro drone accessories to his or her quadcopter, this dual battery charger charges two GoPro Hero3 camera batteries simultaneously. It features dual LED lights for identifying the charge status--amber means “in process,” while green naturally means “fully-charged.” The charger may also be powered with the GoPro Wall, a computer, Auto Charger, or a standard USB option.

Hobbypower Tall Landing Gear

If your friend or family member has a Phantom drone, he or she could probably stand to own drone landing gear. The landing gear that comes with most Phantoms isn’t all that impressive, but this gift option eradicates the problem. It offers universal fit, a curved design for safer, better-protected landing, and clearance for even more sizable gimbals.

Hubsan X4 H107D Replacement Propellers

Is your drone enthusiast all about Hubsan models? Then consider purchasing a set of replacement propellers should he or she own the Hubsan X4 H107D. A set of four includes two white and two red propellers. This is another very inexpensive gift option, which you could easily combine with a few other small quadcopter-related presents.

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