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Things to Know Before Buying a Drone

Posted on November 19 2015

Considering purchasing a drone for sale for the first time? There’s a few things you should know first. Check out what you need to understand before buying your first quadcopter, whether from DJI, 3D Robotics, or another drone brand: 

The FAA Could Change Everything

The Federal Aviation Association is currently working on finalizing commercial drone regulations as of next summer, so if needing a drone for business purposes, stay abreast of their progress.

"The rule will be in place within a year," FAA Deputy Administrator Michael Whitaker said in testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee. "Hopefully before June 17, 2016," he added.

Drones Aren’t Always Easy to Fly

While some liken drones to toy airplanes, it’s a good idea to remember that even such airplanes are often difficult to fly! Flying a drone requires practice and skill, otherwise you’ll find yourself picking up the shattered pieces of your investment. Rather than crying over your ruined quadcopter, practice with mini versions first. Some drones, such as the 3DR Solo from 3D Robotics, comes with a flight simulator app so you can practice over and over until you have a solid grasp of how to operate your quadcopter.

A Thorough Understanding of the Law is Required 

Yes, the FAA is currently working on fine-tuning drone regulations, however regulations and guidelines on the state level must still be adhered to.

“While most drone laws across the 50 states deal with government use, hunting and police searches, it’s always a good idea to monitor UAV news outlets regularly for updates,” writes the folks at DroneLife.


It’s also essential to understand that drones are NOT TOYS, and not all come “ready to fly.” There’s plenty of options available, so think about what you want in regards to features and price and go from there.

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