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Best Drone Price

Posted on November 20 2015

Looking for an affordable drone? While many are a few hundred or thousand dollars, it’s entirely possible to purchase an inexpensive drone that won’t shatter into a million pieces at the slightest touch. Whether a drone for a beginner or need a cheap-but-quality drone for another reason, check out two of the best options currently available:

Syncro Mini Quadcopter

Hailed as the “world’s tiniest flying robot,” the Syncro Mini Quadcopter is ideal for flying practice, especially if planning on purchasing a Phantom 2 or 3, or another larger drone. Durable yet lightweight, the quadcopter comes “ready to fly” and features a simple design. LED lights are found in the front and back for low light flying, and the 100 mash 3.7v lipo battery charges in less than 30 minutes. It costs about $60, however you can get it on sale for around $40.

Hudsan H107D X4 Quadcopter with FPV Camera

Another small quadcopter option, the Hudsan H107D X4 features a FPV, or first-person view, camera. Said camera captures 720x240 resolution HD videos, and takes 0.3 MP images. The camera transmits wirelessly on 5.8GHz, and provides the ability to record video and photos using a MicroSD memory card slot. The slot is built into the transmitter, however the MicroSD card is sold separately. The transmitter supports capacities up to 16GB.

Other features include a 4-channel, 2.4GHz transmitter (TX) with a range of up to 328', conditions permitting, and a 6-axis flight control system. Charging takes 30 minutes, and the quadcopter comes with four LED night lights, blade protectors, and rubber feet. This drone will cost you about $170. 

Try either of these quadcopters and enjoy experimenting with your fantastic new electronic device! Be sure to check out all of our drones for sale for the up coming holiday season. 

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