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Service a Drone

Posted on November 26 2015

Have you recently purchased a fabulous little drone, and are wondering where the heck you should get it serviced when the time comes? This is essentially contingent on where you purchased your drone and from what brand. 

Tech Support

Any drone brand worth its proverbial salt, such as DJI and 3D Robotics, offer tech support. If you are considering purchasing a drone from a brand or affiliate that doesn’t feature tech support...well, think of it as your cue to run screaming from the room.

Several Possibilities

The ability to choose from numerous customer service possibilities is always a beautiful thing, is it not? DJI, for example, offers tech support options that include the DJI Wiki and online tech support where you can chat with a technician. They also provide you with the ability to email your question, or call. The company provides numerous service numbers as well as office hours for their various offices, which include those in New York City, Miami, and Las Vegas among others.

DroneFly is another example. The company sells a variety of drones and drone accessories, including those from DJI and 3D Robotics, and provides customers with installation and repair services.

“Let our techs at DroneFly diagnose and repair your drone from crashes or anything that may not be working,” it says on the company site. “This service fee covers you for all the time that our techs may spend working on your phantom. If we need to replace any parts, we will first notify you.”

The company’s installation services include installation of the Zenmuse gimbal on the DJI Phantom, FPV, upgraded motors, and more.

Additional Tip

If you’re going to buy a drone from another source, make sure you read any and all fine print to ensure you can get the thing repaired if and when you require service. A broken quadcopter isn’t much good, after all!


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