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How to Use GoPro and a Drone

Posted on November 30 2015

Wondering how to use your brand-new GoPro camera with a drone? GoPro for drones are perfect, as they feature a range of mounting options. Whatever you do, it’s essential to find a drone that’s compatible with your GoPro, otherwise you’ll be out a lot of money and dealing with two pieces of equipment you can’t use together. Let’s look a few tips regarding how to use the GoPro with a drone:

Selecting a Drone

First of all, you’ll need a drone that’s compatible with GoPro technology, such as the DJI Phantom 2, Blade 350 QX, or the Walkera QR X350. Purchasing a relatively-inexpensive drone specifically equipped for GoPro cameras is much easier than dealing with an option that requires a lot of set-up and tinkering. Whether you choose one of the aforementioned options or another GoPro-compatible model, make sure it features extra mounts. Drones such as the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0, for example, feature no extra mounts and require a bit of creativity to outfit them with GoPro cameras.

Your selected drone should also be able to fly with the GoPro. Again, this is why it’s best to purchase an option specifically designed for action cameras. You may decide to use other cameras with your chosen drone, however you’ll know the drone is powerful enough to handle it.

DJI Phantom

Want to attach your GoPro to your DJI Phantom? Try setting up the camera at an angle for 1080p and 2.7k on “wide mode.” This allows the drone to fly at a relatively slow speed. Keep in mind that when you fly the GoPro-attached drone really fast, you’ll see the propellers at the top of the video screen. Feel free to experiment with angles and speeds to ensure the best footage--footage that’s free of propellers! Be sure to check out our full line of GoPro drone accessories

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