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Best Drone to Buy?

Posted on December 01 2015

In the market for a drone, and aren’t sure which is the best for your needs? Determining the best drone for sale, essentially boils down to personal preference, i.e. what features matter the most to you. Let’s check out a few of the best drones currently available: 

Best Camera Drone

The best camera drone is arguably still the Phantom 2 Vision+. While the DJI Phantom 3  is giving the drone a proverbial run for its money, many reviewers agree that the Vision+ is exceptional in regards to camera quality. A ready-to-fly drone, the Phantom 2 Vision+ features a 14-megapixel camera with 1080p 30 fps or 720p 60 fps HD video capture. The remote control is included, so you can send footage back to your smartphone or tablet via a separate WiFi connection. You can also enjoy capturing footage for longer periods, as the drone’s battery offers 20 to 25 minutes of flight time.

Best Drone For Professionals

If needing a quadcopter for professional purposes, the IRIS+ from 3D Robotics may be your best option. It features free software that allows you to draw flight paths from your Android device, as well as 3PV™ (Third Person View) Follow Me technology that “turns your IRIS+ into a hands-free aerial camera crew that puts you in the middle of your own adventure.” The software also makes it possible to point the optional GoPro camera at a specific object and keep it there.

Best Drone For Beginners

A drone technology newbie? Before spending your entire piggy bank on a complex quadcopter, look for beginner drones options, such as the UDI U818A. It costs about $60 on Amazon and features a loop-style frame for protecting the rotors in the event of a crash. Additionally, said rotors are inexpensive and simple to replace.

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