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Best UAV Drone For Beginners

Posted on December 02 2015

Naming the “best” of anything is often difficult, as “best” is frequently a subjective adjective. If new to the world of drone technology, it’s definitely in your interest to opt for a cheaper model. After all, you don’t want to max out a credit card only to find yourself picking up the pieces of your drone following its run-in with a tree. With that in mind, let’s look at one of the very best drones for beginners

Your Starter Drone

Celebrated as the “quintessential starter drone,” the Parrot AR Drone v2.0 offers the features you need in a beginner quadcopter. It features a free app that lets you control it quite easily via your iOS or Android device, and delivers 720p high-definition live video streaming to said device during operation. The app also records and shares both images and videos.

Absolute Control

The app’s “Absolute Control” mode makes for super-simple navigation, while the quadcopter’s many sensors and chips ensure optimal altitude. The drone even comes with two body shells--one for indoor flying, and one for outdoor flying.

Two Cameras

This “starter” drone also comes with not one, but two cameras. The front-facing camera provides the aforementioned 720p high-def videos and images, allowing you to record or live stream video while flying. The low-resolution, down-facing camera gives you the proverbial “bird’s-eye view.” Nice, right?

Flight Time

While some of the newer, more advanced drone models such as the Phantom 3 4k provide about 20 minutes of flight time, this beginner drone offers five to 10 minutes of time in the sky. You’ll receive a warning when the battery is at about 20 percent, with the quadcopter automatically landing itself. Sensitive to wind, the drone compensates for wind gusts up to 10 miles per hour. Gusts higher than 10mph drain the battery quickly.

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