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Phantom 3 Vs Phantom 2 Vision+ Drone Comparison

Posted on December 04 2015

The DJI Phantom 3 is the latest offering from drone juggernaut DJI, and like the Phantom 2 Vision+ is chock-full of fabulous features. Neither of these quadcopters could be described as “cheap” or “inexpensive,” and shouldn’t be purchased if new to drone technology. However, both are very much worth the investment if drones fit into your work lifestyle or you have other reasons for wanting a serious upgrade. 

Let’s compare the Phantom 3 to the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ to help you figure out which is right for your needs:


Both of these quadcopters come with exceptional cameras. The Phantom 3 is advertised as packing “years of experience into one compact, easy to use system.” The Professional Phantom 3 version of the quadcopter (there’s also the Advanced option) shoots 4K video at up to 30 frames per second, and captures 12 megapixel photos. Results are clean, crisp, and oh-so professional-looking.

The Phantom 2 Vision+ also features a high-quality, high-performance camera capable of shooting full HD video at 1080p 30/60i. It takes 14 megapixel photos.

App Control

Each quadcopter comes with its own app for controlling every flight aspect with easy...and with first-person point of view. The Phantom 2 Vision+ features the DJI Vision App, which makes it possible to monitor real-time flight data in addition to using FPV up to a distance of 300m. The Phantom 3 features the DJI Pilot app, which makes it possible to control your drone, the drone’s camera, and the gimbal. It offers live quality view of 720P @ 30fps depending on mobile service and flight conditions.

Flight Time

There’s not much difference in regards to flight time, with the Phantom 3 offering approximately 23 minutes of time in the sky. The Phantom 2 Vision+ features 20 to 25 minutes of flight time, however the approximate time is closer to the latter. 

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