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DJI Phantom 1 Radio Range

Posted on December 10 2015

The (clearly) first of DJI’s Phantom series, the Phantom 1 is less impressive than its sequels, but still a quality quadcopter for the drone newbie. It does not come equipped with a camera, but is built to accommodate the GoPro drone camera. Relatively easy to set up and fun to fly, what is this drone’s radio range like? Let’s find out: 

The Range

This personal drone offers a range of about 300 meters, or well over 900 feet.

“I can easily fly around a ten acre [farm] field with my Phantom,” writes a user on the Phantom Pilots forum. “In fact, I fly in a field that is probably closer to one hundred acres (or more) and regularly go from corner to corner and even along the edges. Compared to some members here I'm conservative in my flying -- but in the big field I have no problem going 1500 feet (using Fatshark Predator FPV). “

“If you maintain LOS you should get close to 1km range out of the stock radio but any objects between you and the antenna or interference on the 2.4G frequency may drastically reduce this,” writes another user on the same forum. “I have only flown out of range once at 880m away after checking Google Earth but my FPV video link was still good it kicked in to RTH and this was pretty cool to view from my screen to see what it does. I have flown to 1km in the past and maintained control and came back easily enough all flying LOS but this is quite risky, I did it in a very open field and ensure correct start-up procedure and home location is saved before each flight.”

A Few Flight Tips

Clearly the DJI Phantom 1 has a significant radio range, and you won’t lose your connection no matter the size of your corn field. However, it’s highly recommended you stick to large field when flying the Phantom 1, and avoid areas laden with trees. This especially emphasized if new to operating a remote-controlled flying robot. 

If you read reviews on Amazon, you’ll see many Phantom 1 users highly recommend using the aforementioned large field for test flights. Users also recommend flying your Phantom and turning the remote control off. If the quadcopter doesn’t return to you in 20 seconds or so, talk to DJI customer service.

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