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3DR Iris vs. Phantom 1

Posted on December 11 2015

Narrowed your drone choices down to the 3DR Iris from 3D Robotics and the Phantom 1 from DJI? Both are quality quadcopters from quality drone brands, and work well as options for amateur users and those otherwise new to drone technology. While it’s still best to opt for a small, inexpensive drone if shopping for your first model, both of these options suffice as “advanced beginner” possibilities. 

Let’s compare the 3DR Iris to the DJI Phantom 1 to determine which one comes out on top:

Flight Time

The flight time for both drones is very comparable. The 3DR Iris features an 5100maH battery that provides about 16 minutes of flight time, while the Phantom 1’s 2200mah LiPO battery offers 15 minutes of flight time. Other models from both brands, such as the 3DR Solo and the Phantom 2 Vision+ offer longer flight times at about 20 to 25 minutes.


Neither of these drones come with a camera, however the Phantom 1 is designed for GoPro. Both may be upgraded and outfitted with gimbals and cameras.


In regards to operating the Phantom 1 and the 3DR Iris, reviews are mixed. Both feature reviews on Amazon discussing problems that occurred while flying:

Then came one fateful flight [with the 3DR Iris] where I take off as normal as I can, level it out, breath a sigh of relief I didn’t have to buy new props...when all of a sudden it shoots forward uncontrollably and I mean uncontrollably, pressing the RTL (Return To Landing) did nothing. 

The same complaints are echoed concerning the Phantom 1:

*NOTE: before taking it out for its first flight, grab a Sharpee and write your phone number on it clearly with the words "REWARD". If you lose it, you just might luck-out with a phone call. You may want to put the reward amount on there, too. $50-100 is well worth it if someone calls.


The same in many ways, actual operation of both quadcopters is up for debate. So is one better than the other? Not especially.


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