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3DR Solo vs. DJI Inspire 1

Posted on December 12 2015

The DJI Inspire 1 came out at the beginning of this year, with the 3DR Solo from 3D Robotics the brand’s latest offering, launching only a few months ago. Both are advanced quadcopters offering a variety of special features; the Solo the first drone to wirelessly deliver HD video “from your GoPro to your iOS or Android mobile device at distances up to half a mile away.” The Inspire 1 offers 4K HD video support, and was one of the first quadcopters to do so. 

Let’s compare these two exceptional drones:


The 3DR Solo does not come equipped with a camera, however it’s built for a drone GoPro and features a swappable 3-axis gimbal. The Inspire’s camera makes it possible to shoot the aforementioned 4K video, as well as 12 megapixel photos. Its lens features nine separate elements, including an aspherical element for “extreme clarity.” It also includes Adobe DNG RAW support that makes it possible to “make every shot a masterpiece.”

Additionally, the Inspire features a 3-axis gimbal that rotates 360 degrees.

HD Video Streaming

Live HD view is available through the Inspire 1--720p HD view, to be exact. DJI Lightbridge technology is built into the controller, allowing you to easily enjoy wireless HD video.

As previously mentioned, the 3DR Solo offers HD video streaming from your GoPro camera to your phone, assuming you’ve outfitted the drone with such a camera.


While both come with apps for enjoying live HD video streaming, the 3DR Solo includes an additional flight simulator app. The app makes it easy to practice your flight skills “realistically” so you can safely operate the real thing. Neither of these drones are exactly cheap, so flight practice is definitely a good idea!



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