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Best DJI Drone

Posted on December 15 2015

Which of the DJI drones is the best? All are innovative, top-of-the-line options offering the easy navigation you want, with many providing high-definition cameras and live video streaming. The DJI Phantom 1 is one of the brand’s more “basic” models, as it doesn’t feature a camera or accompanying free app among other features. The Phantom 2 Vision+ and the newly-released DJI Phantom 3 professional  are two of DJI’s best options, and easily poised to become icons of the personal drone world. 

However, the best quadcopter from DJI is arguably the Inspire 1. Let’s check out what makes this drone awesome, as well as a few reviews:

The Most Advanced Technology

DJI put its most advanced technology to to work to create the Inspire 1, the only 4K drone currently available. Crafted to “empower you to create the unforgettable,” the quadcopter features sturdy carbon fiber arms that remove themselves from sight when shooting. Other drones often feature the propellers in some of the shots, resulting less-than-perfect footage. The DJI Inspire 1, in comparison, provides complete, unrestricted 360-degree views.

4K Camera

The Inspire 1’s 4K camera shoots up to 4K videos and captures 12 megapixel images. The lens features nine distinct elements, all of which are designed for exceptional clarity. The camera’s Adobe DNG RAW support provides “the power to make every shot a masterpiece.”


Check out what reviewers are saying about the Inspire 1:

The best of the camera drones to buy is the DJI Inspire 1. The DJI Inspire 1 has a cutting edge design that allows for two controllers to be used simultaneously — one to control the drone’s flight, and the other to control the camera. This drone with camera gives users an unprecedented level of control for recording and snapping photos.--Heavy

The DJI Inspire 1 is really in a whole new level of quadcopter. The Inspire 1 is much closer to a professional aerial video rig than most quadcopters; it is squarely outside of the “just a toy” category.

The Inspire 1 keeps much of the simplicity that's made the Phantom Vision so popular, but tacks on more advanced tech. In addition to 4K video, the new UAV also has a groundbreaking stabilization system that keeps your shots steady even in some rough conditions. --Gizmodo

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