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DJI Lightbridge Setup

Posted on December 16 2015

The DJI Lightbridge is a piece of equipment with a corresponding app that provides a high-definition video feed while your drone is in operation. One of the niftier drone accessories currently on the market, the Lightbridge makes FPV flying a highly pleasurable experience free from the noise and low-res footage. This HD transmitter allows you to enjoy full HD 1080p 30FPS video streaming while flying your quadcopter. 

So how to set up this accessory? Let’s check out a few tips courtesy of the DJI Wiki:


The DJI Lightbridge’s ground system comes with two antenna, which you must attach to the main piece before powering your system. This is essential to avoid damage. Other antenna options are not compatible with the Lightbridge, so be sure to use DJI versions only. 

Remote Controller

Once you’ve screwed in the antenna you’ll want to set up the remote controller connection. Do so by connecting the ground system’s training port and in port using the rectangle-headed training port cable and remote controller cable. A diagram is available on the DJI Wiki Lightbridge page for additional explanation. You must connect two remote controllers to the ground system at once, with the red jack connecting to the aircraft remote control and the black jack connecting to the gimbal remote control. 

Controller Configuration

Configure your controller through your DJI Lightbridge Assistant software. The DJI Wiki provides the following instructions on controller configuration: 

1.Select AERO as TX model. Set all curves (pitch, throttle, expo, rates, etc.) to default. Set endpoints of all channels to default (100%) and all trims and sub-trims to zero.

2.Check all channel outputs are “Basic” -> “RC” page.

Refer to remote control manual for configuration. The below configuration process is based on a Futaba T8FG. 

1.Switch off RF.

a)Press and hold “RTN” button to switch on remote controller.

b)Enter “POWER MODE” menu, select “RF OFF”. 

Video Output

Select your video output option based on your device, such as HDMI or USB outports. Again, the DJI Wiki provides instructions for each, however it’s important you do not attach HDMI and USB devices to the ground system at the same time. This causes the HDMI device to display normally, however the USB device will not.


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