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Best Wireless Monitors and Display For Drones

Posted on December 17 2015

Want to find the best wireless monitor for your drone? Numerous options are available, each with their pluses and minuses. If considering adding a wireless monitor to your growing collection of drone accessories, check out the following options to help inspire your decision: 

7” Wireless 5.8GHZ Monitor--Black Pearl

Advertised as “the perfect wireless monitor” with a built-in 5.8GHZ receiver and rechargeable battery, you may use any 3 cell lipo battery with Xt-60 connector for power. The Black Pearl 7” wireless monitor is by the Flysight brand, and it’s Fatshark compatible. Setting up your FPV gear on the ground is quick and painless, and resolution is high--1024x600px.

Additional monitor features include image rotation support, Airwave and NextWave transmitter support, and DNR support. There’s no blue screen involved, with the receivers highly sensitive for “the best possible reception.”

5” Wireless 5.8ghz Monitor DVR DV05S

Created for the DJI 5.8 Tx, this easy-to-use wireless monitor makes an ideal portable field option. Supportive of both wireless and wired cameras, features include a 5-inch, large HD screen (800X480pix) for clear, smooth images, a folding/hidden external antenna, intelligent motion detect video recording support, and multi-language support. Additional features include loop recording support, automatic shutdown, and photo function among others. The photo function allows the monitor to shoot, review, and store images.

2.4” Wireless Monitor DVR DV01

The “world’s smallest wireless 5.8G DVR,” this option is also compatible with the DJI 5.8 Tx. The monitor is 640x480, and functions as a small, simple reference monitor when flying your Phantom quadcopter. An ideal “first wireless monitor,” it’s inexpensive and easily helps you get used to the idea of FPV.


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