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Importance of a Gimbal When Filming

Posted on December 18 2015

When it comes to shooting videos or taking pictures with your drone, there’s no doing so without a gimbal. Even if you manage to strap a drone GoPro or other camera to your quadcopter, the result will still be super-shaky, otherwise-not-great footage. 

If still unclear as to why a gimbal is so gosh-darn important when using a drone to film, well, anything, let’s take a closer look at why this drone accessory is necessary:


Arguably the main purpose of a drone gimbal is to provide the attached camera with optimal stability. It doesn’t matter if the camera is pitching forward, right, left...the gimbal ensures smooth, stable footage. It also doesn’t matter if you don’t know much about flying a quadcopter or are flying in adverse weather conditions--a quality gimbal will keep the camera stable. 

Real-Time Footage

The latest gimbals on the market today do more than keep your GoPro or other camera stable-- they also allow for things such as real-time HD video. First Person View (FPV) is increasingly popular among drone enthusiasts, so a built-in video module that’s compatible with hardware such as the DJI Lightbridge is pretty darn cool.

Rotation Control

Another feature included on many of today’s drones, such as the DJI Osmo, is three-axis rotation control. This again makes it easier to capture the footage you want.

Multiple Control Modes

Many of today’s gimbals worth their proverbial salt offer multiple control modes, such as orientation-locked, back to mid-point, and non orientation-locked. It may sound complicated, but it’s essentially another way of controlling the camera and obtaining the shots you want.

A quality gimbal is imperative to drone filming. Whether you use a drone for professional reasons or not, make sure the ones you’re reviewing for purchase feature outstanding gimbal options.

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