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Software for Drones

Posted on December 19 2015

Drone software is designed to enhance user experience, with more and more drone companies coming out with new software every day. The race to provide quadcopter users with the best personal drone is only getting more heated, with software a way to up the proverbial antee. 

Let’s check out a few examples of drone software, shall we?

3DR Solo App

The 3DR Solo App from 3D Robotics is an Android and iOS app for the 3DR Solo drone. It offers “total copter and GoPro control at your fingertips,” and provides live HD viewing from the GoPro. It also gives you a satellite overview for flight planning, and fingertip control over the vast majority of the quadcopter’s in-flight functions. This includes pushbutton flight as well as the Solo’s Smart Shots feature. The feature offers “one-touch cinematic shot creation.” 

The idea behind the app is to “dig deeper” and subsequently customize the drone’s behavior during flight. You may adjust your drone GoPro’s settings and alter how the controller responds to your commands. The app also gives you instant technical support whenever you need it, as you can submit service tickets without having to leave the open field you’re standing in.

DJI Pilot App

Advertised as “advanced and flexible,” the DJI Pilot app was created for the brand’s Phantom 3 4k drone. It offers a “simplified, more intuitive” user interface, as well as a number of nifty new features. App options include total camera control that allows you to switch between photo and video mode, access full manual camera controls, stop or start recording, and more. The app also includes a flight simulator so you can practice flying before taking your Phantom 3 into the field. And considering how not cheap the Phantom 3 is, practice will definitely make perfect! 

These are just two super-cool examples of drone software!

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