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DJI Phantom 2 Review

Posted on December 26 2015

The Phantom 2 from DJI is a fantastic quadcopter option, offering a myriad of features ideal for drone newbies and seasoned vets alike. Consistently rated as excellent regarding quality, stability, usability, performance, design, and value, the Phantom 2 is the “first camera-carrying drone you want to own.” Let’s review some of the quadcopter’s most prominent features:

GPS Unit and Wi-Fi HD Video Camera

The Phantom 2’s onboard GPS unit makes it easy to let the drone hover. It sits pretty in mid-air, holding its position, and will return to its launch point should the batteries die. The built-in Wi-Fi HD video camera is one of the features that separates the Phantom 2 from the Phantom 1. The original Phantom does not feature a camera, though it is built for the GoPro Hero.

The drone’s free DJI Vision app makes it possible to view live output through an Android or iOS device. It’s also possible to stop and start the camera, tilt it upward or downward, and monitor parameters such as location, altitude, and how much power the battery has left. The video feed is also very useful when the DJI Phantom 2 is so far from you have no clue which way it’s facing.

Reduced Vibrations

While the DJI Phantom 1 is capable of holding a camera, the resulting footage is often “wobbly.” The Phantom 2 once again trumps its predecessor, as it’s built for optimal stability. Mounted on a special, vibration-reducing platform located directly under the quadcopter, the drone’s camera takes stable, incredible shots and footage. 

Improved Flight Time

In addition to being easier to control than the Phantom 1, the Phantom 2 offers more flight time. While the original features 10 to 15 minutes of flight time, the Phantom 2 provides 20 to 25 minutes.

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