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Phantom 2 Vs. Phantom 2 Vision+ Specs Comparison

Posted on December 28 2015

The Phantom 2 and the Phantom 2 Vision+ from premier drone brand DJI are two excellent quadcopters, and worthy of the investment. Both are white with red detailing and make capturing superior photos and videos relatively simple. 

If trying to decide which of these excellent personal drones is best for your needs, check out this quick comparison of their specifications:

The Same in Regards To…

Both drones feature several of the exact same specifications. The DJI Phantom 2 comes ready to fly and offers a vertical hovering accuracy of 0.8m. Its horizontal accuracy is 2.5m. The Phantom 2 Vision+ also comes ready to fly and features the same hovering accuracy.

Maximum tilt angle, maximum yaw angular velocity, maximum flight speed, and max ascent/descent speeds are the same as well. Both feature a tilt angle of 35 degrees, and ascent/descent speeds of 6m/s and 2m/s, respectively. Max yaw angular velocity for each is 200°/s, while max flight speed is 15m/s. It’s important to note that DJI does not recommend achieving maximum flight speed on either of these drones.

Different in Regards To…

The Phantom drone models differ in terms of the camera feature. The Phantom 2 does not come with a built-in camera, however it does feature customized H3-2D and H3-3D gimbal support. The Phantom 2 Vision+, in comparison, comes equipped with a camera featuring 14 megapixel resolution, 120°/ 110°/ 85° FOV, and HD recording support (1080/p30 or 1080/60i). The camera supports multi-capture, continuous capture, and timed capture, as well as RAW and JPEG camera format.

The Phantom 2 Vision+ also differs from its predecessor when it comes to additional features, such as the DJI Vision app for controlling your quadcopter through a mobile device.


Which one you choose comes down to what kind of features you want...and how much you’re willing to spend!

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