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Best Drone For Aerial Photography

Posted on December 29 2015

Ask five quadcopter experts which drone is the best for aerial photography, and you’ll likely get three to five different answers. However, two drones arguably stand above the rest in regards to aerial photography, the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ and Phantom 3. Both quadcopters provide exceptional aerial photography shots, and frequently receive five-star ratings from users. Let’s check out what makes these personal drones that are ideal for aerial photography:

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+

Featuring a 1080p 14 MegaPixel camera, the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ offers optimal stabilization and control thanks to the integrated 3-axis gimbal. Also perfect for videography, this quadcopter is the first to feature an integrated mobile phone FPV (First Person View) system for sharing images and videos. Other features include real-time telemetry data and flight parameters, as well as wi-fi connectivity up to a distance of 300m. 

Flight time is 25 minutes, with the drone lightweight and easy to carry/handle. DJI’s 16 waypoint Ground Station system allows users to program flight paths with their smartphones, and tilt the camera up and down while the drone “flies autonomously.” 

DJI Phantom 3

The latest offering from DJI, the Phantom 3 professional allows you to “capture professional-quality footage from a new perspective.” Intuitive flight controls, real-time HD video display, and of course a “crystal-clear” camera make this quadcopter a must-have. As with the Phantom 2 Vision+, the Phantom 3 features a 3-axis gimbal for perfect stabilization and control.


Available in Professional and Advanced models, the Phantom 3 Professional comes with a 4K camera. The Phantom 3 Advanced shoots 1080p HD. Either way, resulting images are stunning, high-res, and feature brilliantly-vivid colors. 

Either of these drones offer amazing aerial shots and videos, allowing you to expand your proverbial horizons regarding photography and videography.



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