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Best Drone For Photography

Posted on December 31 2015

The best drone for photography? The reviews are in, and the clear winner is the Phantom 3 4k. One of the quadcopter manufacturer’s most popular models, we’ve already sung the Phantom 3’s praises numerous times. So rather than droning on (pun intended) again about why it rocks, check out what a few experts have to say about it: 

From Apple Insider:

This update is all about the camera, and it should be. In our positive review of the Phantom 3 earlier this year, we noted that while the drone itself was an incredible flying machine, the camera was its relative weak point, suffering from mild performance issues in low light….[and] while packing the same specifications as its predecessor — including recording 1080p video at 30 frames per second — the camera module itself has been shrunken down and is attached to a three-axis gimbal.

From Digital Trends:

Another thing that sets this drone apart from the competition is the level of autonomy it boasts. Using DJI’s accompanying mobile app (available for iOS and Android), you can opt to fly the drone via waypoints, allowing you to relinquish control and just let the drone fly itself to pins you drop on a map. This, in addition to the drone’s auto-land functionality, make the Vision+ a particularly good choice for first-time pilots who might be worried about crashing.

From Gizmag:

DJI's Phantom 3 is the best selling camera drone on the market – and with good reason. It's a relatively affordable, relatively friendly and relatively easy to fly quadcopter that arrives nearly fully assembled and is easy enough for a beginner to operate straight out of the box, even if we recommend you fly something cheaper first to get the hang of things. It has a decent quality, tilt-controllable camera that shoots 1080p HD video footage and 14 megapixel photos, and the camera delivers smooth footage thanks to a multi-axis stabilizing gimbal. But it has a bunch of other tricks up its sleeve. 

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