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Best Drones For Real Estate Use

Posted on January 01 2016

Drones are poised to be the next big thing in real estate. Capable of providing stunning aerial videos and images, drones make it easy to highlight what’s beautiful about a property, as well as surrounding-area amenities. Showcasing what’s nearby, such as parks and schools, helps sell a lifestyle to potential buyers, not just a house. Virtual property tours are that much more appealing using drone technology, while aerial stills of the house and area attractions also add to appeal. Let’s review a few of the best drones for real estate agents:

DJI Phantom FC-40 

A relatively inexpensive DJI drone, the Phantom FC-40 comes with its own camera. The camera is capable of streaming live 720p video to iOS and Android devices. Offering “the same ease of use as the Phantom,” the FC-40 is also considered the perfect drone for anyone new to aerial photography.

Parrot AR Drone 2

Another (relatively) cheap drone model, the AR Drone 2 from Parrot also features a built-in camera controllable through iOS and Android devices. Optional features include the “Director’s Mode,” which provides optimal stabilization, as well as pre and post-production assistance.

Blade 350 QX AP

This drone combo offers fantastic stability, superior aerial video footage, and great image capture specifications. Similar to the Phantom FC-40 in regards to performance, the Blade 350 QX AP includes a safe mode and position hold. In other words, it won’t crash into the operator. 

Phantom 2 Vision +

The Phantom 2 Vision+ also makes the drone real estate list, as the quadcopter offers 25-minute maximum flight time, a built-in, high-performance camera, and radar positioning. Both photos and videos shot with this drone are “crystal-clear. 

Check out these and other recommended drones for real estate use and dramatically change the way you promote listings.

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