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DJI Phantom Battery Life Review

Posted on January 02 2016

One of the most essential components to any drone is the battery, as there’s not a whole lot you can do with a quadcopter without one. How long it takes the battery to charge, how easy it is to use, and how much “juice” it provides the drone all factor in when reviewing said battery. With that in mind let’s take a deeper look at the Phantom drone battery as created by esteemed drone manufacturer DJI: 

Charging the Battery

If you want the flight time DJI promises with the Phantom 3, you’ll need to charge the battery for an hour or more. Trying to fly the quadcopter on a battery that isn’t fully charged….well, this is how drones end up stuck in trees. (Perhaps drones will replace cats as the thing firefighters have to pull from trees in the future?) 

Using the Battery

When reading about the Phantom 3 on the DJI website, you’ll notice the brand promising 20 to 25 minutes of flight time on a fully-charged battery. However, the actual flight time is more along the lines of 15 minutes because of the weight of the drone

Backup Batteries

It’s a good idea to purchase more than one battery and other drone accessories before using your drone. Two backup batteries is the recommended number, as the drone doesn’t offer a lot of flight time. With two backup batteries, you can simply switch one for another and enjoy longer flight sessions. A portable battery charger is also recommended if you plan on using your Phantom 1 for longer stretches of time.

An excellent quadcopter for drone newbies, the Phantom 1 isn’t as advanced as its “sequels,” however it’s still a very high quality drone to enjoy.

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