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DJI Phantom 3 Battery Life Review

Posted on January 04 2016

One of the most popular drones currently on the market, the DJI Phantom 3 is the upgraded version of the DJI Phantom 2. Celebrated for its ability to capture stunning images and videos, the Phantom 3 is also easy to maneuver and represents DJI’s “flagship consumer model.” Let’s take a look at its battery life, shall we?

LED Light Bar

The Phantom 3 proprietary battery pack features a LED light bar for indicating when the battery is charging and discharging. The battery pack easily slides and clips into the back end of the Phantom 3.

Battery Capacity, Charging Time, Flight Time

This Phantom battery has a capacity of 5200mAh. Charging takes a little over an hour. An optional 12VDC charge cable is available should you want to charge the battery in your vehicle or with another 12VDC portable source.

The drone offers about 25 minutes of flight time. This is compared to 10 to 15 minutes of flight time with the Phantom 1 and 20 to 25 minutes with the Phantom 3.

A “Smart” Battery

The Phantom 3’s battery is hailed as “smart” because it processes charging, protection, and more through its motherboard. If you forget to turn off the quadcopter, the battery turns off by itself following 10 minutes of no use. If the battery gets too cold or hot, it will stop charging.

Additionally, this “smart” battery sends authenticity codes to the Naza P2V. The Naza stops the motors from “arming” should it not receive the juice it needs from the battery.


A fun and highly-functional drone, the Phantom 3 features a quality battery that keeps the drone functioning as it should...and safe from overcharging.


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