It’s no big surprise that there are a plethora of uses for sUAS in the military sector. From advanced aerial reconnaissance to EOD, small drones have enormous viability for military applications.

Don’t have to worry about this if you’re flying..

Voltage Pictures – The Hurt Locker

We’re not going into EOD applications today, though. 

But drones like Phantoms are a relatively bulky addition for soldiers that are already laden with equipment and supplies. AeroVironment has an answer for this: the Snipe Drone.

The Snipe Nano can be carried in a small, lightweight case keeping mobility maximized and physical strain minimized. 

AeroVironment also equipped the Snipe with both optical and infrared capabilities, which is perfect for scouting a location prior to ingress. These are things that can be done with expensive (and large) equipment, but most first be authorized and deployed as well as usually costing quite a large sum of money.

AeroVironment is making these relatively inexpensive (a Predator comes in at $4.03 million, so basically any sUAS is relatively inexpensive to that drone), small enough, and easy enough to use that they will be deployable after a few hours of training. This eliminates the need for a UAV specialist on each unit and makes them easily deployable in the field.

They have a lot of info on this unit, so we’ll just let them talk about it now. 

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