As if the World Rally Championship wasn’t exciting enough, DJI has brought the Inspire 2 in to film it. If you haven’t watched rally racing before, take a deep breath and then watch the video. 

DJI has been posting videos from each of the rallies throughout the series, but Finland is arguably the most exciting. The 2016 Neste Rally Finland was the fastest rally in WRC history, with Kris Meeke winning at an average speed of 126.62kph (78.68mph). If you would like to check out more information about the course, it has its own section on the WRC website.

If you want to watch WRC in the United States, the only place to watch is RedBull TV, and the next event (at the time of this post) is the ADAC Rallye Deutschland (Germany) which is a tricky all-asphalt rally. It will be broadcast live at 1:00 PM PDT August 18 – 20.


 Rallying is a form of motorsport that takes place on public or private roads with modified production or specially built street-legal cars. It is distinguished by running not on a circuit (typical race track), but instead in a point-to-point format in which participants and their co-drivers race between set control points (called special stages), leaving at regular intervals from one or more start points. Rallies may be won by pure speed within the stages or alternatively by driving to a predetermined ideal journey time within the stages. 


The World Rally Championship (WRC) is a rallying series organized by the FIA, culminating with a champion driver and manufacturer. The driver’s world championship and manufacturer’s world championship are separate championships based on the same point system. The series currently consists of 13 three-day events driven on surfaces ranging from gravel and tarmac to snow and ice. Each rally is split into 15–25 special stages which are run against the clock on closed roads.

The WRC was formed from well-known and popular international rallies, most of which had previously been part of the European Rally Championship and/or the International Championship for Manufacturers, and the series was first contested in 1973. The World Rally Car is the current car specification in the series. It evolved from Group A cars which replaced the banned Group B supercars after a series of major accidents (some of which were fatal). World Rally Cars are built on production 1.6-liter four-cylinder cars, but feature turbochargersanti-lag systems, four-wheel-drivesequential gearboxes, aerodynamic parts and other enhancements bringing the price of a WRC car to around $1 million (US).

For more drone footage of WRC 2017, check out DJI’s WRC 2017 playlist.

Featured image property of DJI/WRC 
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