Dronefly Autel EVO II FW FIX

UPDATED 07/12/22:

Since the drone manufacturer recently published firmware updates, many Autel drone customers have been having problems. current problems include:

•At the end of the update cycle, firmware updates stall.

•The gimbal loses power and/or control.

•Transmission range decreases dramatically.

•The controller shows no connection between RC and aircraft while showing a black screen.

•Models with thermal cameras can't switch between thermal and visual views.

To address this, Autel has released new versions of the EVO II Enterprise series firmware.

On July 6, firmware version 1.0.92 was released; however, when customers went to update, they continued to encounter problems.

Then, Autel published firmware version 1.0.94 the next day, on July 7. This is the most recent version as of this writing,

Our in-house technicians have been testing to validate that the new firmware 1.0.94 will fix many of the existing problems with the EVO II Enterprise series, as Autel's customer care support has indicated it would.

The Autel EVO II 640T Enterprise, EVO II 6K Pro Enterprise, and EVO II Dual R Enterprise versions are all compatible with firmware version 1.0.94. It is available through the Autel website or as an over-the-air upgrade.

Note: In order to avoid possible difficulty when updating to the latest firmware, some Smart Controllers may need to be powered off and then on again or factory reset. After the firmware download is complete and the controller displays the update prompt, this issue may arise if you attempt to update and the app returns you to its home page without finishing the upgrade. In that case y ou would need to power-cycle the RC or perform a factory reset if power-cycling doesn't resolve the issue. After the firmware upgrade via the RC is finished, the drone itself needs to be manually powered on and off.

We're happy to report that after testing 1.0.94, our technicians have found that the majority of the significant problems have been fixed. Yet there were still some problems at first; but they seemed to be cured after manually power-cycling the drone and RC a few times.

Those problems involve:

•The App shows that the RC and Aircraft are disconnected. *Note that this error message differs from the preceding problem message in earlier firmware versions in that there is a video image behind the alert now rather than a black screen as was the case previously.

No connection

•When switching between the stills and video modes, the screen will turn green. When switching between visible and thermal cameras, there is also a discernible latency.

Green Screen

•During flying, no telemetric flight data is shown at the top of the screen.

No telemetry

Once more, these firmware version 1.0.94 issues were temporary and were quickly fixed by manually power-cycling the drone and controller a couple of times.

We hope this article helps with any firmware issues you might be experiencing with the Autel EVO II Enterprise line of drones.

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We will update this article as we get more information.