Fifteen-year-old Luke Bannister made history today as the first Champion of the World Drone Prix. 32 teams entered this competition for $1M total prize, Bannister’s team Banni UK took home the win.

The World Drone Prix was available to live stream through their website. The stream itself left a bit to be desired, but it was the first one. For the first live broadcast of a major drone race, they did well. One can only imagine the next broadcast will be near perfect.

The track itself was incredible, with a great look that will set the bar for all major drone races from here out.

The competition was tough, too. Bannister definitely didn’t walk away with his win. Multiple crashes and collisions on the track helped keep the spectators excited, while neck and neck drag races really got the heart pumping.

This is only the beginning for the sport, which has potential to gain a huge following.


Watchon of the Champ’s earlier races from Dubai.