Want to know which quadcopter is the best model for 2015? This isn’t exactly the easiest question to ask, as you could argue one drone as the best in terms of money, another as best in regards to camera, another for beginners, etc. However, if we’re strictly talking about which quadcopter is the very best option for professional photographers and videographers, one drone stands alone: the 3DR Solo Quadcopter.

Let’s look at what makes this drone so exceptional:

“Your Aerial Passport”

Celebrated as an “aerial passport,” the 3DR Solo Quadcopter is advertised as the only tool you need to capture stunning aerial shots and footage. Simple to work with in regards to assembly and flight, it’s also possible to reconfigure this quadcopter for pretty much whatever you want.

The 3DR Solo comes with a USB computer interface as well as open-source software so you may control every single aspect of the device. The interface and software also make it possible to create GPS-guided flight paths, focus the (optional) GoPro camera on a specific target, and even deal with high winds effectively.


One of the easiest drones to fly thanks to the aforementioned features, you may choose to manually fly the quadcopter using the controller, or try the advanced 3PV Follow Me mode. The latter transforms the drone into your hands-free camera in the sky.

The Solo features 16 to 22 minutes of flight time. It comes “ready to fly.”

Additional Items

Additional pieces provided with this fantastic drone example include a flight battery and charger, tool kit, flight checklist, Drone manual, set of four tall legs, and a ground station radio.

If ready to make a solid drone investment, the 3DR Solo Quadcopter is definitely a good bet!