It’s finally happened: you need to a drone repair. Rather than freaking out about having to repair your likely very-costly quadcopter, check out some of the best drone repair tips from assorted experts: 

For AR Drone 1.0 and 2.0:


(1.0) If you are using Parrot’s FreeFlight app, then you will need to press the reset button on the bottom of the AR Drone. You will need an “in-field drone reset tool” (a toothpick for example). If you are using AR Drone Flight for Android, the Emergency button on the top will become a Reset button when the AR Drone is not flying. Pressing the RESET will recalibrate the sensors and will almost always get you back flying again.

(2.0) Normally it is not necessary to push the reset button after a crash, just calibrate the AR Drone 2.0 as told in tip 1 (2.0) above. But if the AR Drone 2.0 still has issues, the reset button can be found under the battery through a small hole in the battery tray. The button is a fair distance down inside, but with steady hands you will be able to push it with the “in-field drone reset tool”. –

For DJI Inspire 1

Eliminating “Fisheye”:

The Inspire 1’s camera has only a very minimal “fisheye” effect, especially when compared to other flying platforms. Dedicated lens profiles for Adobe products such as Photoshop or After Effects will be released soon. Note: The focal length of the Inspire 1 lens is equivalent to 20mm. –DJI

For DJI Phantom 3

Restoring a video file after power is turned off during recording:

Do not remove the Micro-SD card from the camera. If it has been removed, place it back in the camera. Turn the Phantom 3 on and wait approximately 30 seconds as the video file is restored.–DJI


If you have more questions about drone repairs, please contact our repair department.