If you think all the best drones under $500 and up are the best, you’ll be happy to know you’re wrong! It’s entirely possible to procure a quality drone without breaking your piggy bank. Numerous drones, although small, are available under $200. If browsing for a quadcopter and a few drone accessories to go with it, check out the best option for under $200: the HUBSAN H107D X4 Quadcopter with FPV Camera. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this drone special:

The World’s Smallest…. 

This drone is possibly the smallest quadcopter currently in existence capable of being flown by FPV, or first-person view. A first-person view in regards to drones means the ability to see what the camera’s seeing…in other words, you’re literally getting a bird’s eye view.

The Camera

The HUBSAN H107D X4 Quadcopter’s camera features 720 x 240 resolution SD video and takes 0.3 MP still photos. The camera transmits wirelessly on 5.8GHz, and makes recording images and videos a breeze thanks to its MicroSD memory card slot, which is built into the transmitter. The card is sold separately, however the transmitter supports capacities of up to 16GB.

It should be noted that if you plan to use recorded footage for a project, you’ll likely have to run it through a converter so it stretches from 240 to 480.

The Control Unit

The quadcopter’s control unit features a 4.3-inch color LCD screen, allowing you see what the camera sees perfectly. One button is used for stopping and starting any recording you do, which adds to the drone’s convenience factor.

The Flying

Flying this small drone isn’t too challenging, though it does not feature a GPS. The good news is if you crash the quadcopter once or many times, the FPV is very, very tough. Be sure to check out our full line of drones for sale for the up coming holiday season.