Looking for the best GoPro drone, specifically the best Phantom model? GoPro is easily one of the most popular camera brands for quadcopters, as they’re lightweight and work well with drone technology. 

The best Phantom drone for GoPro is arguably the Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro. Let’s take a look at what makes this quadcopter the best option:


Compatible with all GoPro models, this Phantom is verified for the Hero2, Hero3, and Hero3+. The drone is also compatible with the Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal for taking ultra-stable videos and images.

Dramatic Photos and Videos

While the Phantom Aerial UAV Drone does not allow wi-fi streaming as it interferes with the remote control, it does capture “dramatic, cinema-quality photos and videos” from the air.

Advanced GPS System

The drone’s advanced GPS system makes outdoor navigation easy, even in the face of light wind. A flip of a switch is all that’s required to perform “sweeping camera motions” without losing track of the drone. A fail-safe function helps the quadcopter return to its starting point should the remote connection get lost. There’s also a Naza-M autopilot system for configuring guidelines through software.

Flight Time and Range

Flight time is up to 15 minutes when the quadcopter is fully charged, and range is over 980 feet (300 meters).

GoPro Camera Mount

This Phantom includes a special GoPro drone mounts made exclusively by DJI to make attaching your GoPro model a straightforward process. Drone enthusiasts suggest using GoPro’s onboard video rotation setting to adjust the upside down mounting position. The Phantom Aerial UAV drone comes ready to fly and is continually reviewed as easy to learn, even if relatively new to drone technology. 

Enjoy capturing fantastic images and videos with this drone!